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Ordering Tips


If you're planning a trip to Taylor to visit us in the near future, it doesn't hurt to prepare for the experience in advance...and we're here to help!


The first order of business is the protocol of ordering.  We began as an extension of a meat market and those classic, old traditions continue today. 


We slice your order to your specifications right in front of you, taking the meat directly from the pit. 


Every customer is greeted at the counter with a sample of beef brisket - something to chew on while your order is prepared.  Meals are served on a tray covered with a piece of white butcher paper.  Our original barbecue sauce is served with each order and sliced bread (or crackers)pickels and onions are available at no charge.


Our beef brisket is available in two forms:  lean (the dense, flavorful end of the brisket which has the consistency of steak) and moist (the marbled or fatty end of the brisket which is tender, juicy and melt in your mouth delicious).   You can order it by the slice or by the pound.


Other meats sold by the slice /pound include pork tenderloin and boneless turkey breast.




We offer two types of ribspork and beef.  Both are served by the rib /  pound -  and you won't believe the effect our beef ribs will have on you.  They have been called by many "the best thing I've ever put in my mouth!!!" ...That's awesome!


Our sausage is a family recipe of German origin  created by Bobby Mueller in the mid-60's.  Each sausage is made in-house and by hand containing 100% beef and tallow stuffed into natural casing (nothing synthetic going on here!).  Each sausage is roughly 5" long weighing approximately 1/5 lb  and comes in three flavors:  Original, Jalapeno and Chipotle


It's best to come early to grab one of these gems, they tend to go fast!


Our side dishes are made in-house  fresh each day from old family recipes.  Your choices include potato salad, coleslaw and pinto beans.  All are sold by the serving, 1/2 pint, pint or quart.


To round off your meal, we offer a wide range of sodas (bottles) as well as seet and unsweetened tea and lemonade.










May 2008

In May 2008, Jane and Michael Stern, authors of the Roadfood book series & creators of chartered a bus of 75 hungry barbecue aficionados from around the country to visit a select group of central Texas' most famed barbecue establish-ments.  First stop on the tour was Louie Mueller Barbecue in Taylor, TX.  Read more...



2008 National Nutrition Award  |  Beef Brisket

May 2008

Think barbecue brisket is bad for your health? Think again.  According to Men's Health Magazine, brisket is actually a good source of healthy cholesterol and recently awarded Louie Mueller Barbecue's brisket with a National Nutrition Award. Read more...


ROADFOOD  |  Michael and Jane Stern

Published  |  2008

Celebrated food critics Jane and Michael Stern released the latest edition of their acclaimed restaurant guide "Roadfood".  Jane and Michael return to Louie Mueller Barbecue to rekindle their love affair with Bobby Mueller's hand-made German sausage and tender beef brisket. 


BBQ JOINTS  |  David Gelin

Published  |  2008

David Gelin's new book is a tribute to America's favorite backyard cuisine.  Beyond recipes, David interviews many owners and pit masters of some of the nation's most honored BBQ joints including Louie Mueller Barbecue. 



"Official Best Barbecue in Texas | 2008"

Media USA and producer Brett Allen scour the country for  each state's top attractions and best kept secret destinations. In January 2008, he and his investigative team awarded Louie Mueller Barbecue "The Official Best Barbecue in Texas".  Read more...   |   Watch Video...




"Mueller BBQ Hit Texas Monthly Top 5, Again"

June 2, 2008

"With the 2006 James Beard Foundation Award, two top-five rankings in Texas Monthly magazine for best barbecue in Texas and a Food Network feature on "Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives", Bobby Mueller wasn't surprised to hear his restaurant made Texas Monthly's top five for the third time this June..."



The Vaughn Brothers  |  "Family Style"

"Good Texan"  |  CBS Sony Records

...prior to the untimely passing of Stevie Ray Vaughn, the Vaughn brothers (Stevie Ray and Jimmy) conducted a photo shoot for their new album "Family Style" at Louie Mueller Barbecue.  The photos were used to create the promotional poster "Family Style" (top left) and  the CD sleeve for the single "Good Texan" (bottom left). 

Thanks for all the memories and music,

Stevie Ray.  We miss you!


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Central Texas BBQ Assn


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"Each and every day, we strive to provide our guest only the highest quality barbecue and sides made from the freshest ingredients, served with family courtesy in an authentic Texas dining environ-ment.”


-- Wayne Mueller
Owner / Pit Master

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