What is Texas BBQ?

Louis Mueller Central Texas BBQ

When We say texas-style…

As the saying goes, everything’s bigger in Texas and our barbecue is no exception. With over 2,000 barbecue restaurants across the great Lone Star State, Texas-style barbecue has a following searching out the best in smoky, succulent, juicy meat.

Now, calling out Texas barbecue as best might raise a holler or two in the Carolinas. The folks in St. Louis might be skeptics. And those would be fightin’ words to the pitmasters of Tennessee. Even in our great state, “barbecue” can mean lead to different eats on your tray. South Texas focuses on barbacoa, with influences from just beyond the border. East Texas serves up its chopped beef, and West Texas cooked directly over the heat. And we all know, grilling isn’t exactly the same as barbecuing.

But when we say “Texas-style” at Louis Mueller Barbecue, we are talking about Central Texas BBQ. Beef, simple and uncomplicated, cooked low and slow over indirect heat.

Where’s the Beef?

Welcome to Texas. Beef reigns supreme over pork. Dating back to our early cattle herding days, Texans prefer a good cut of beef over most anything else. Not only does it pack more flavor, but it gives us those “bigger in Texas” portions, like our Dino Ribs. While we do love our spare ribs, our pork sausage, and our BBQ turkey, no order is complete without BBQ brisket.

Simple Pleasures

Texas-style BBQ is plain and simple. Holler on to the butcher, and order by the pound. You’ll get served up on some butcher paper or a tray. Sliced white bread, quartered white onions, and pickles come on the side, but there’s not much else. No BBQ sauce, just a simple rub of salt and pepper… maybe a hint of garlic powder or cayenne. It’s all about the simple pleasures, like the taste of pure, uncomplicated smoked beef. And just dig right in with your hands. Chances are that you won’t even be handed utensils. Why use a fork when you got two hands?

It’s All About the Low and Slow

Good Texas barbecue has one BIG ingredient: Time. Good meat takes high-quality beef, sparse seasonings, and a lot of patience. A hardwood fire, usually made of Central Texas post oak (and sometimes mesquite or hickory), is managed meticulously over hours and hours, at least 12 hours and up to a full 24 hours. It’s all about low and slow, cooking down the beef until it’s tender and falling right off the bone and into your mouth.

Deep in the Heart of Texas

And the last thing about true Texas BBQ? You gotta have it in Texas. And the best place in the State for that is Louis Mueller Barbecue, ranked #1 or #2 for the best BBQ in Texas Monthly and recently awarded the James Beard Foundation American Classic. We like to think that if we’re the best BBQ in the whole state of Texas, that must mean we’re the best BBQ in the world. At least there are few who’d argue the contrary. Swing on by to Taylor, Texas, and our family-owned and operated joint will be ready to fill your plate. And for you out-of-staters, never fret. The Best BBQ in the country is now available to be shipped nationwide directly to your front door.